Friday, July 6, 2018

Protecting All Life

In the 70s people protested against the increased use of plastic because it was being dumped into the oceans. And now we have a serious problem with plastic in our oceans.

We must remember that to save our planet there must be a higher purpose to whether we use these products or not. A few states are going to reverse the plastic bag use at the supermarket. Please do not use these bags. Please use reusable bags. Use the kind of bags you can throw in the washing machine  so if juices spill on them they can be properly cleaned.

Please be aware of what using plastic bags does to the oceans. For those of you who like to eat fish, it impacts fish. For those of you who like to swim and enjoy the water you will be swimming with plastic all around you. Just because you don't see a plastic bag float by does not mean it hasn't decomposed and its fibers are floating right next to you.

Please be aware of how we take care of our world. The products we use and toss in the garbage have to go somewhere and will have an impact on our ocean, air and water.


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