Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Just When You Think You Know What To Do

Over the last many decades I've been working on my diet, lifestyle, and various choices in order to make my life healthier and organic. Diseases are on the rise and I wanted to make sure I sidestepped any problem with further health issues. I've had a paralyzing stroke-like-event from herbs intended to strengthen my thigh-length hair, serious mold poisoning due to a roof leak in my meticulously clean and remodeled home, chemical poisoning from a new home intended to keep my life mold-free, and this list is not exhaustive.

I have deliberately pursued raising my consciousness. I do not purchased anything with stated toxins or unknown chemicals on labels at the grocery store; I study labels like a student studies for an exam. I stopped eating pork and conventionally grown veggies. I take homeopathy when I can instead of chemically made drugs by pharmaceutical companies that have warning labels longer than the constitution. All in all, I figured I was making good choices. But there are so many hidden chemicals and additives to everything and if I had the means I'd be growing veggies again like I once did in Santa Cruz and eat only what grew of my own plantings. Companies now coat lettuce with plastic so it doesn't rot as quick, even organic lettuce. Give me a break!

I've chosen grass fed beef, the few times I eat beef, or when I eat out because I read grass fed meat was the safest. Well, that's not true. Having been an adamant avoider of GMO products you might be able to imagine my horror at what I'm going to tell you now. (And, by the way, I've come to find out, chickens (that means their eggs too) are fed with GMO corn.)

The other night I heard that a rancher in Texas let his cows out of the barn to eat the grass in his field. Shortly thereafter he heard his cows screaming and watched them as they fell to the ground where most died. Why? GMO bermuda grass. GMO grass! Please don't think any food that is GMO is a great scientific breakthrough. Why did the cows die from GMO grass -- because it turned into cyanide. I'm all for science, some of my best friends are scientists as the disclaimer is usually stated, but messing with food and thinking science is above nature is nothing short of insanity.

Now here's the rub for you busy Facebook, Twitter, and whatever app you are addicted to, users, only YOU have the power to change this. How? Stop spending your hard worked for money on products that slowly over time poison our cells, creates cancer, and other diseases. Big companies are running rampant with our complacency. I have never considered myself a political woman. I have run as fast as I could from anyone approaching me with a cause and as you might know, the 70's was full of causes.

So the next time you bite into your hamburger, watch out for GMO hidden dangers, pink slime, antibiotics your own body wasn't sick enough to be prescribed, hormones, and what all else, I don't know. Oprah got sued because she stated on TV she didn't want to eat beef anymore. But you don't get sued if you spend money on only those products designed to increase good health, not take if from you. After all, I didn't see any big company step up to the plate to pay my hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical bills. Will you? This isn't paranoia; it's good sense.

Until next time,
increase your awareness and be well,