Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jan's Healing Chicken Soup and more ...

This is the season for colds. I've already encountered several people under the weather trying to get well. So I'm offering my own recipe for a healing chicken soup I created to help you get the foods you need to heal. In the past I have had neighbors and friends request I make this soup for them because it works. So here it is:

Jan's Healing Chicken Soup

6 or 8 large chicken legs (I use organic chickens-no use getting additives in your healing soup)
a handful of cut up fresh parsley (vitamin C)
2 cloves of garlic cut up (garlic is an anti-bacterial and helps kill infections)
1 onion sliced (onions clear out mucous)
a pinch of cayenne pepper (pepper helps raise the body's temperature to fight infections)
1 stalk of celery diced (celery helps detox and adds vit c)
1 carrot cut up (adds antioxidants and root vegetables help to ground the body)
salt and pepper (add celtic salt to get the trace minerals you need. Morton's salt has dextrose (sugar) and aluminum in it yuk)
2 or 3 chopped tomatoes (value of tomatoes increases when cooked)
a large handful of spinach (iron)
a pinch of thyme(thyme helps with coughs and respiratory problems)
a small handful of chopped mushrooms (mushrooms aid in immune function)

Put everything in a pot and add water until it reaches about five inches above all ingredients. Let simmer for about 2 1/2 hours. Take out the chicken and cut off bone - add back into soup.

 That's it. Could it be easier? Now go make your soup and get well. Remember not to eat dairy when you are sick as dairy creates mucous. Drink as much liquid as possible and drink water to help keep you hydrated and to flush out what your body doesn't need. 

If you are so inclined to take a hot bath - add some epsom salt to detox. Also, on the top of your ankle is a reflexive lymphatic point. Rub it and when you feel tender spots stay there and breathe deeply. Get that lymphatic system working. It is a crucial part of the body that helps your system rid itself of what is not needed for good health. The body is amazing. It holds all the answers to wellness.

If you want to sip tea during the day remember to add ginger, cinnamon, and parsley to your tea. Honey in hot water with lemon (real lemon not the bottled stuff) is great too. Honey helps coat the throat so if your throat is raw take a little honey on a teaspoon and swallow it. Yum!

Also know that elderberry cough drops - brand Zand - is fantastic. Elderberry drops in tincture form is great too. Elderberry helps the immune system and the cough drops are great for soothing a stinging throat.

If you have any questions about foods please drop me a line. I love researching the values of food. But remember that I am speaking about whole organic foods, not packaged foods with preservatives that help you system open to distress in the first place. Don't believe me? Check out any package and research the ingredients in it. God has given us everything we need to heal in nature. Seek it out.

One more thing: If you have a fever and the fever won't lower do not hesitate to call your doctor or any health practitioner. Although I am not a proponent of antibiotics there are times when our bodies need them. If you take antibiotics remember to take a probiotic with each pill. Antibiotics kill good bacteria as well as bad so you want to replace the healthy ones. Probiotics are healthy bacteria.

Until next time,