Monday, February 8, 2016

The Physics of Emotions

There are two things we do with a pain in the neck: 1. we take an aspirin, and/or 2. we divorce him. That being said, I want to talk about the physics of emotions and what that means. Stress involves our emotions. Physical pain involves our emotions. If you have emotions that you want to push away, you just can't do it. Medication can temporarily help like an aspirin.You can suppress an emotion, numb it out, and even disconnect from it but you cannot get rid of it because emotions have energy that cannot be destroyed. It is the physics of our emotions that are so powerful. Energy that gets transformed but cannot be eradicated. Emotions are essential to our humanity and cannot be destroyed.
As a psychotherapist I work with people every day who do not understand the value of emotions whether we like them or not. Emotions are our messengers. They tell us something about how we are experiencing our life. Emotions not only matter, they are essential to our self-growth, authentic self, and wisdom.
The next time you have a feeling focus on why you have that feeling, what it means that the feeling has emerged, and what that feeling needs in order to be appeased.
The content of this blog is for the purpose of stretching out my thoughts for my next book. Please do not take anything from this blog for your own purposes.
Until next time,