Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Are Your Decisions Making You Sick?

Pesticides -- everyone has used them for decades. What is it about pesticides that you don't know? They are full of harmful toxins. They cause disease in humans. They are sprayed on your food and don't come off well. They get in the soil and follow water into your food. If chemicals kill anything, you can count on them harming you. Even so-called non-toxic products are not totally healthy. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of sites that promote non-toxic ways to deter bugs without chemicals. Please google chemical free solutions to . . . then fill in what you are looking for.

When you get sick what do you do? You stop your life until you find a way to get well, right? Do you think about the products you have used in the last two - twenty years that might have contributed to your illness. Do you think maybe the preservatives in your food have caused you problems or spraying insecticides and pesticides in your home along with perfumed products has caused you problems? Probably not! I am here to tell you that you should do this. If you have young children and pets crawling on the floor, please check the ingredients you use. All companies must offer MSDS sheets that list the ingredients and their harmful effects. Can companies skim on necessary information? Yes, they can.

Until the Toxic Substance Abuse Act of 1976 gets amended, you will have to be more diligent. Here are some of my tips and they work and have worked for the last three decades:

Sprinkle baby power where ants are coming in and/or on their pathway. You will not see another ant.
Spray red wine vinegar in places where bugs come in -- they hate it.
Plant spearmint where mice are getting in -- they hate spearmint oil on their fur.
Put a line of Borax around your home. Most bugs won't walk over it.

I lived in the desert for 6 years and I rarely had a bug, even in the summer when they were prolific.

Keep you and your loved ones healthy. Do not believe the commercials on TV. Products might kill bugs but they might be slowly killing you too.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Power of Thoughts

I've read that one positive thought can antidote 1,000 negative thoughts. Love is more powerful than hate. Generosity is more desired than greed. Think about these sentences. Our thoughts matter. Our philosophy matters. Our actions matter. I've heard dozens of stories from people who changed situations with prayer. Prayers are a union of thought and feeling and the belief that there is hope for the result to come about. It is giving up struggle, believing in a higher power and prayer is powerful. But everything changes from within first.
The world is losing its sanity but we can help even though we are one person sitting in America listening to the horror around the world on our TV. Trouble exists here, at home, too. It has to start somewhere and that somewhere is in the minds of the people who are behaving like madmen.
Start the change you want because we all enjoy peace. Several times a day think peace, feel it in your heart and send it out as soft pink or vivid green or whatever color resonates with that feeling for you. Imagine sending it out in ripples across a pond to cover the entire world. There are too many people suffering.
Think peace, feel peace, send it out across the world. Imagine everyone doing this. Wouldn't we then create the world we want? There is plenty of room for our differences but that doesn't preclude peace. It is when we force others to live our differences that we destroy peace. Let's rebuild it together --

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Environmental Illness

He tacked aluminum foil to his walls to keep the smells out. She couldn't use her shampoo or perfume. He couldn't stand his new carpet and had it ripped up and replaced with tile. Their bodies become fatigued, were plagued with horrible headaches, lost their ability to digest, along with a variety of other life-changing symptoms. They found life unbearable avoiding people and buildings and soon became homeless trying to survive. He couldn't be around electricity. She couldn't stand being near wifi. What do you think about this behavior? Do you think it is crazy? Well I have news for you. It is more real than you can ever imagine. What these people have, the medical profession doesn't consider real, in fact, they don't know what it is and despite their knowledge they claim to know that these symptoms are imaginary. It is no wonder that 46% of environmentally ill people commit suicide?
Here is another astounding statistic: 65% of the population has environmental illness. Currently some of the symptoms are considered "allergies" and these people are given chemicals to ingest that only make them sicker.
Healing from this illness, not unlike other illnesses, require physical, emotional, and spiritual decisions. Remember the so-called Yuppie disease of the 70's that is now diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia? Environmental Illness, too, is an immune condition. Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia were once considered imaginary.
So if chemicals make you sick including perfumes, cleaners, new building materials, plywood, and the like, you probably have a variation of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. If wifi and electricity gives you a headache or other symptoms you might have Electrical Magnetic Frequency problems. These are considered environmental illnesses. There are more included but I won't go into the details in this short blog.
So, if you know anyone with crazy-making and unexplained physical symptoms, please be compassionate. Go to a holistic healer and get help. It is highly likely that an M.D. physician won't know anything about this.
I am the only licensed counselor I have met who works with environmental illness. And I should know about this: I have been able to heal enough to re-enter the world - but not without it turning my life upside down first. Write to me: