Thursday, February 14, 2013

Got a Headache from New Carpet?

I've heard this story many times. It was time to change the carpet and instead of getting hardwood, tile, or slate flooring, carpet was replaced with carpet so the floor would be warm stepping out of bed in the morning. New carpet chemicals can cause twenty-two different disturbing symptoms. Put an infant on a new carpet and it is tantamount to their smoking 12 cigarettes. So - if your new carpet is giving you symptoms what should you do? Zeolite Powder!

What is Zeolite? Read for yourself how natural, organic and effective this product is.

Here is the main site to find out what other forms of Zeolite can be used to help with odors and toxic spills.

I just sprinkled zeolite powder on a new carpet that was off gasing chemical smells. I let the powder sit for five hours then vacuumed. Because I am sensitive to chemical smells I did two applications and am happy with the results.

I also have six pouches of the zeolite rocks and have used them to get rid of new car smells. I have loaned them to friends after their cars came back from the shop stinking of oils and solvents. Here is what you do: lay the pouches on the seats and floors. Then, after a few hours lay the pouches in the sun and let the smells off gas from the rocks so they can be used again. If it is not sunny where you are, use your hair dryer to heat up the rocks and off gas the chemicals they absorbed.

Until next time,