Friday, March 8, 2013

The Pen is Medicine

If you think about your school days when you hear the word writing, try thinking of this. Try thinking of writing as medicine. Studies now show the effectiveness of writing to uncover roots of illness. When we write we enter a part of our mind that stores our experiences in an unconscious non-verbal language, such as the impact of a trauma, or plaguing thoughts from continuous stressful incidents such as being bullied at work or continually demeaned in a marriage.

According to research 60-90 percent of doctor visits involve stress related symptoms and since doctors no longer have the time to give patients that they used to, patients often leave without having the root of the illness discovered.

But what if writing uncovered the problem? What if just a 15 to 20 minutes writing exercise each day focused on feelings, symptoms, or thoughts had a way to resolve the problem? The good news is: writing does uproot the cause of illness and it does this by discovering the emotions and details of events taken in as non-verbal assaults on our mindbody. PTSD symptoms, the ones that present haunting and consistent disruptions have successful results with intensive writing.

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