Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stressed and Depressed During this Holiday Season?

If you live in a TV commercial, then your holiday will be fun, Santa will slide down the chimney, your loved one will give you diamonds, the kids will love their gifts, and the turkey will come out of the oven perfectly golden brown, your family members will be sober no matter how much two-buck-Chuck wine they drink, there will be no family heated discussions, the smiles will be abundant, and it might even snow so you can make that perfect 8' snowman. But I don't know anyone who lives in a TV commercial, do you? So here is where TV and reality enter the great divide because for most people this holiday season they be anything but perfect.

In fact, for many American families and individuals this year this will be a time of grieving for children killed in war, houses forfeited in the housing market, jobs unavailable in the job market, and homes lost in  fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, or floods.Try as we might to have a great season this holiday it might still be filled with grief, disappointment, sadness, loss, and hardship.

As a psychotherapist of almost thirty years I talk to people every year whose problems are heightened by the holidays.

If you or someone you know is going through a rough time this holiday season and need to talk to someone, please pass this blog entry along to them. During the holidays I like to pay forward the many blessings I have received while in my own hours of need during the year. My usual hourly fee for counseling is $100. But for a brief holiday special I am offering a 45 minute consultation for $35. That's less than half my hourly rate. In that consultation I will help you:
1. get through what you are going through this holiday season

2. offer support and ways to cope 
3. connect you with community support.
Often these times just bring a need to have someone listen with compassion and kindness. Don't go through your pain alone isolating yourself from receiving help just a phone call away.

Contact me through this blog or email me at jan_marquart@yahoo.com to let me know when you want to speak and we can arrange one or more consultations to get you through the holidays.

Send me a money order or cashier's check. I do not take credit cards. This rate is good from now through December 29. It is my gift to you because when I needed help it was given to me. This is my way of paying forward the blessings that came from others during my dark hours of the soul.

And wishing you a peaceful heart in this holiday season,


Friday, November 18, 2011

Do You Know What to do for Your Immune System

I know nutrition can be confusing. One year authorities tell us to eat or drink something for our health and the next year they tell us to avoid it. Drug companies brag about a new drug and then its being pulled off the market. Keeping healthy is at best a trying adventure. So let me tell you about three simple food items to help boost your immune protection. In my experience, when in doubt, head towards the grocery store for vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. All the healing supplies we need for most of our health delimmas come from nature.
Three items you might have in your house right now are going to be important in getting through the winter months.
1. Cayenne pepper - You know that when you increase your temperature you have a better chance of fighting viruses, right? That's actually how peppers got hotter. When the plant was infected with a virus it increased its potency so it could fight the infection. That's exactly the process that needs to occur in humans when we get sick. And what better way to get healthy than to add hot peppers to our foods. Cayenne pepper is a wonderful healing plant. Add a pinch of it in soups or sauces. Add it to a cup of hot tea and increase the tea's power. The pepper will make you sweat, raise your temperature, and fight off that virus. Cayenne pepper is also an expectorant, so drinking it when your lungs are full of mucus in a little hot water will break up the congestion.
2. Garlic - I bet you have a head of garlic in your kitchen right now. Chop a clove and swallow with water. Allicin, garlic's active ingredient, is an antifungal, antibacterial and antivirus. What more could you want in winter when bugs are in the air we breathe?
3. Green tea - Green tea prohibits bacteria and viruses. Have a cup several times a day. Six cups of green tea a day also serves as a detoxification strategy. Keeping yourself detoxed is a good way to keep your body clean.
That's it. Three foods you probably don't even have to leave your home to buy. Start using them now- a little each day. Also I do want to add that you should not use any anti-bacterial hand solutions. They suppress the immune system, if studies I've run across are accurate, they smell of alcohol which is not good to inhale, and they don't do anything to prevent colds or flu germs that linger in the air.
Stay healthy,
Until next time,