Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Inner and Outer Agreement

We all know people who put up one face when they are in the presence of friends and another when they are alone or finally confiding to a trusted friend. Isn't that what suicide is about? We didn't see the signs, we weren't aware our friend needed help, we thought they were happy. Then when day we get the call that gives us the horrific news.

It is not just those suicidal who give the world the wrong message about who they are. Everyone does it? How do you do it? What are you afraid people will find out about you? How do you want to be more authentic in who you are?

These existential questions are important not just to be authentic to the world but to be authentic with yourselves. How many of you are burning with things to say or teach or reveal? What would happen if you became the person you know yourself to be? What would happen if you stood up, with shaking courage, to those you disagree with?


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