Monday, June 25, 2018

We each belong here

The other evening I went out to my deck and noticed a baby praying mantis. That is what you see on the railing in this photo. It was the size of a nickel. My photo is obviously one of a novice but you can see how frail the baby praying mantis is. I studied it for a while. It was delicate, fragile, and walked as if it had been born a minute ago. I wondered if I could have felt it if it had been walking on my hand.

I wanted to keep watching it but I could tell I had put it on alert. I didn't want it to feel threatened. I wanted it to feel safe because it too belonged here on earth and it too should feel safe on this planet.

We must change our consciousness about respecting and honoring all forms of life on this planet. There is so much destruction of nature. There is so much use of pesticides that kill important insects and other forms of life. Climate change is destructive and we might never get back the beauty it is taking from us.

Our oceans are filled with millions of pounds of plastic and other forms of garbage killing fish and ruining our environment. Coral reefs in Hawaii are being destroyed due to the use of suntan lotions full of chemicals and yes, coral is an alive sea life.

Every alive being on this planet is here for a reason, a purpose, and it is time we started to pay attention. Write your congressman if something in your environment is being harmed or destroyed. Write to companies who think money and power rule. The people count - each voice counts. We each belong here.



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