Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Using Your Voice

How many times do you find yourself yelling at the news on TV? Perhaps you are upset with what a politician is saying. 

For much of what takes place in the world, we have little power but even a little can matter. If everyone put their little bit of power into a pot the pot would be spilling over with power.

If you are passionately moved by something, positive or negative, sit and write out your thoughts to the person who is inspiring you to feel either way. Make your voice heard clearly, intelligently, eloquently, and powerfully. Then find the appropriate address, place a stamp on the envelope and mail it.

Emails can be quick but the power of a written letter far exceeds the email waiting in line in an inbox. It will feel great to honor your voice and perspective on the kinds of information that comes to you through watever means.

Find your voice, let it speak, feel part of your community and world, and stop silently or otherwise screaming at the state of affairs. Do something! Write!


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