Sunday, June 10, 2018

Red Flags

If we knew all the external red flags to avoid certain people, situations, and decisions, we could certainly create a life free of most obstacles. Retrospect can be valuable but if we think the red flags to avoid problems are all outside us we are missing the biggest red flag.

Internally, we have red flags all the time but we dismiss them thinking we are foolish, wrong, making a big deal out of nothing, dwelling, and demean the most important red flags of all.

Some red flags we cannot avoid, if we didn't make mistakes in life we wouldn't learn. No one is born knowing how life works and knowing all the right decisions to make. It is not possible. But it is possible to stay aware of the voice within and to act on it with dignity and integrity with no apologies. We must listen within. If we are raised believing we don't have a correct point of view or we should not speak, then we will miss our internal red flags because we will not listen.

One way to raise awareness of our internal red flags is to keep a daily journal and write about the red flags you might be feeling in your gut. Your gut and your brain contain the same matter. Our full bodies hold wisdom. Listen. Write out your point of view and how standing up for that internal red flag and message will work for you. Write about your fear of not pleasing others and what you will do if they get upset with you. Keep going deeper. There are many levels to the process of not listening to our own wisdom.



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