Saturday, June 30, 2018


In the beginning of The Diary of Anne Frank, she wrote how important it is to be in nature for healing. In our busy world we often overlook the fact that we live in a marvelous and beautiful world. Stare at a flower starting to break ground. Stare at a bee inside a flower. Hug a tree. Walk on wet sand where the waves are just breaking onto shore. Stare at the blue sky to watch a cloud float by. Smell flowers. Stand on the earth in bare feet and feel the soil. Watch the tree's leaves move to the wind's push.

We have pulled away from nature in harmful ways. Do your own gardening or help your gardener if you have one. If you don't own any land buy a plant and watch it over time grow into fullness. All these tips seem meaningless perhaps but they are huge. They remind us that we are part of nature too. They remind us that there is a beautiful spirit in us just as there is in nature and paying attention to that spirit is a great reminder that we live and breathe with all of life.

Perhaps you don't like being in nature but you don't mind connecting to it in another way. Read poems on nature. Here is a poem from my poetry book, Light, a Book of Poems.

I wonder

Their nests remain
in the corner of the
portale where they
built them last year.

I study the beauty of the
nest’s architecture
and wonder
if the birds this year
are the same as last
searching for their

I wonder –

Are these the parents
returning or are these
their children wanting to
sleep in their first beds?



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