Thursday, June 21, 2018

Inner Knowing

Everyone has an inner knowing of who they are and what they want to do. Sometimes this inner knowing is often beaten out of us at a young age by parents or other authorities who think our inner knowing and ideas aren't real, are stupid and irresponsible. No achievement has ever come about by someone without an inner knowing.

Did you know that the Singer sewing machine came into manifestation as a thought first, an inspiration first, just like anything else we enjoy. Singer couldn't get the needle working correctly and had a dream that a tribe of people threw spears with a hole at the end. He awoke realizing that the needle needed the hole at the tip and not the middle. He honored something as simple as a message in his dream and produced a working sewing machine.

So, I encourage you to get in touch with the part of you that knows your passion, that wants to seek an interest no matter how insignificant it seems, and set your intention to do one thing daily to awaken that inner wisdom.

Addictions, criminal behavior, and other aberrant behaviors separated from that inner knowing that would have, could have, should have, led individuals to higher grounds.

Make a list of your interests, no matter how small. Perhaps you like making biscuits, or rope, or maneuvering numbers. This is how people start out with their own businesses or other success stories.


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