Friday, June 22, 2018

Emotions are Contagious

Have you ever played ha-ha? You know the game kids play where one kid lays on another's stomach until there is a zigzag line of kids on the floor. Then the first kid says ha and the second ha ha and before a minute is up everyone is laughing. Why is that?

Emotions are contagious. When around people who are depressed give them a smile or cheerful comment. This isn't just to help them. It isn't just because the power of a kind emotional word is contagious and somehow a seed will be planted for a new inner experience, it is because helping others in the right state of mind also helps our own inner world. When we allow ourselves to get pulled into negativity or depression or any other emotion, even fear and anxiety, we have lost our own inner security.

Remember: emotions are contagious. Take control of what you want to feel today.


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