Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Drink Green Tea?

Do you have faux wood floors? Are they dulling? Would you like to aliven them without chemicals? Do you drink green tea? Here is a great tip:

Save your used green tea teabags. Remove the string. Place the bags in a jar or bowl and keep them in the refrigerator to prevent the tea bags from getting moldy.

The next time you wash your floors drop at least 8-10 tea bags in a bucket of warm or hot water. Squeeze them in you want. Wait a minute or so then drop your mop into the water and wash your floor.

After the floor dries you will notice that the floor looks brighter, slightly shinier, and more attractive. I tried this tip thinking it was dumb but because I drink a lot of green tea and hated throwing away so many teabags, I decided to try it.

My floors look great!


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