Sunday, May 20, 2018

Tips for Parents

Teenage years are full of tumultuous thoughts, feelings, and crazy decision-making for both teens and their parents. Both parents and teens agree to this. So here are some tips to keep connected, know what your teens are up to and let them know that you are there even through these rough years.

1. Eat dinner together every night. Talk about life and ask them what they thought about their day? Avoid yes and no answer questions because they won't volunteer information without your proding. Don't be upset by the response, "Whatever!", just keep asking in a gentle caring way.

2. Know their friends. If they are going out and you have no idea with whom, have them bring their friends to the house so you can meet them. Make sure to get the friend's phone numbers in case you ever need them. Don't let the excuse that your kid's friends don't have parents who invade their privacy. You are not invading their privacy. Your goal is to keep your teen safe and know when they need your help.

3. Meet their friend's parents even if the meeting is a brief phone conversation.

4. Review their phones and computers once a week.

You can rest assured that your teen won't like these tips but lean in anyway. Your teen will secretly be glad you care enough to make sure they are safe and not getting into trouble and you will sleep better knowing that you have information you need to not worry so much.


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