Thursday, May 24, 2018

Stomach Healing

Words have power, not only with how others take them but with how our body absorbs them. This experience might be subtle for many people, but for others the inner experience is clear. Our words matter. And our words matter because our thoughts, out of which they come, matter. What we think resonantes through every cell in our bodies. I have met people who healed themselves by filling their bodies for hours a day with positive words, chanted mentally or verbally.

I met a woman who read words of wisdom she extracted from novels every morning and night for hours. Her cancer went in remission and it has been 20 years and she has not had a regrowth of cancer cells. For instance, words of self-judgment and criticism usually cause some sort of stomach problems. To keep your stomach healthy, watch the self-talk going through your mind.

Many people I met in the last few years have disclosed Bible verses that brought good health when they were sick. This is powerful and when I encountered a health issue it worked for me as well.

Words matter. Watch your thoughts. Write affirmations that instill a feeling of light and wellness. Make a vision board of pictures that make you feel hopeful, powerful, well, and optimistic.


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