Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Staying Connected

With hundreds, maybe thousands, of friends on FaceBook people appear to be lonelier than ever. With social media an active part of daily life, where photos of lunches, shoes, new dresses, and trips are posted by the second, people are feeling more disconnected than ever. There is a good reason for this.

When we are busy on devices, we sacrifice people time for device time. The result cannot be anything but the feeling of being disconnected. Mostly because -- we are!

If you want to feel connected, turn off the devices when you are in front of a real live human being. Pay attention to the conversation you are having. Give the person in front of you eye contact, laughter, touches, nods of understanding.

After all, if you feel disconnected, it isn't the device you feel disconnected from, it is the people who care and love you, people of interest, new people that might come into your space, and best of all, your children who need to know with full attention, that they matter.


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