Friday, May 18, 2018


I'd like to say something about emotions today. Emotions are directly related to thoughts and experiences. They are not free-floating inner events that have no context. I often hear people report that they don't know why they are feeling the way they are. Let me say that our bodies, brains, nervous systems do not function without a context.

This is important to realize because our emotions are always in motion, thus the word (e)motion. Our emotions are our messengers. They tell us that we liked an experience or not. Often because an emotion doesn't feel good we think that there is something wrong with us for feeling bad. Maybe someone dimished your emotional upset by denying you or demeaning your pain. Then you think there is something wrong with you for feeling the way you do. Part of that statement is true. Something is wrong or shouldn't be happening. It does not mean that you are wrong, but that something is happening and that something is unwanted, hurts, is upsetting. When you learn to demean yourself over time your own thinking and developed belief systems begin to cause emotional reactions without your awareness. It is like learning how to tie your shoes. You don't stop to think which lace crosses the other. You just tie your shoes.

Our inner experience is always honest. It is not possible to have an experience that hurt you and for you to feel happy. It is not possible to have a loss and feel as if you had a gain. The loss will register as one emotion and the gain will register as another. Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are always in sync. That is how our bodies are designed. It is a perfect system. Do you ever question your experience when you feel good? Do you ever wonder, now I had fun so why did I feel good? Think about this. Many people are on psychotropic drugs simply because they want to stop feeling bad without understanding or gaining wisdom from why they are feeling bad.

If you want to deny facing the truth of your life, you are more likely to want drugs of any kind to numb the pain of the emotions your body is designed to let you know about so you can heal or change by making a different decision. Psychotropic drugs numb. Psychotropic drugs do not heal.

If you are anxious, your emotion is telling you that you are fearful of something. If you are depressed, your emotion is telling you that you believe yourself to be powerless, helpless, and that will pull down your emotions and might allow you to feel immobilized.

Listen to your emotions. They are telling you something about how you experience a situation or incidednt in your life. Just a note, there is a distinct difference between depression and grief. Depression relates more to anger and grief relates to sadness and loss. Often, because both emotions make us feel heavy and as if we are being pulled down, it can be confusing which emotion we ae actually feeling.

Write  your emotional content each day and what events were connected to it. Get to know how you and your emotions work.

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