Monday, May 14, 2018

Comparing Yourself to Others

One of the things I find a complete waste of time is comparing myself to others. Think about the emotional poison envy or jealousy puts inside you.

When I was a young girl I had someone I loved resent me because she was jealous about me in some way. She turned sour towards me but most of all she had changed to a person I couldn't even like in that moment. I still loved her but I didn't like who she turned into when she was jealous.

I decided at twelve that I would always be happy for others so I wouldn't turn sour and change who I wanted myself to be. I'm sure you have made your own pacts about how you wanted to grow as a  person.

For those of you who allow yourself to be jealous of others I want you to know that jealousy poisons our bodies with energy that can make us sick. I'm sure you feel sick when you feel jealous. If you don't think so, the next time you feel jealous, focus on your stomach. I bet anything you feel sick to your stomach.

Here is a tip: be glad for people when they have what you don't have or want you want to have. It is okay. You can probably have that too if you work for it. Even if it is something you can't work for, be glad for people. Your goodness doesn't change just because someone has something you don't.

Bless others. It is a sure way you will be blessed too.


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