Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Coming Back to One

The world today is busy, demanding, pushing us to keep all the balls in the air at once for fear that if something falls we will fail modern life. More people than ever are on anti-depressants and anxiolytics. People say they don't have time for a time-out until they push so hard their body relents and they get sick. Then everything stops dead in its track.

Resting and taking time to restore our spirits is seen as being lazy or non-caring. Without time to restore we are pushing ourselves into a physical, emotional, and spiritual deficit. In each day we need time to rest. Many people don't take their required breaks or lunch breaks at the office. Working harder by not taking breaks is hard on the brain and body.

Restore yourself, take your breaks, remove yourself from co-workers and sit someplace and feel still. Concentrate on a mantra, eat a piece of cool fruit allowing yourself to taste and enjoy what you are eating. Slow down your breath.

If you fill your days off with errands you are doing the same thing you do at work. I understand that when we aren't working we are working on keeping our personal lives afloat but a day is a day no matter what we do and it is important that in each day we take at least 15 minutes to reflect, stop the doing, sit in peace, journal write, sit under a tree and feel the energy of nature. This might sound silly but these moments are rich with peace, calm, serenity, coming back to one, the one being your inner spirit.

Try it for one week, one day. Sit under a tree, eat an orange focusing on the scent and sweet taste, journal write, write a poem, read a book, slow your breath, and realize that the business of life will always be there. As soon as you finish one chore another will be waiting. Keep your balance through it all by honoring your need for restoration and go enjoy your moments.



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