Sunday, May 13, 2018

Cell Phones

Cell phones are in the hands of people everywhere, right now, whether they are crossing the street, pushing their carts in grocery stores, driving, wheeling baby carriages, eating in restaurants, and so more.

In the last couple of years cell phone issues have been brought up in therapy sessions as much as or more often than in-law problems, job issues, or stress. It is astounding how often I am faced with the dilemma of relationships disconnected because of the addictive use of a cell phone by a loved one.

Cell phone addictions are becoming a common problem. Designers of cell phones make sure they increase the likelihood that consumers will pick up their phones for everything making this a major factor in addiction issues. Have consumers truly lost their ability to use critical judgment over devices running their lives?

Now let's talk about health. Have often have you cleaned your cell phone. Do you know that cell phones carry all types of bacteria? Men who carry cell phones in the pocket of their pants are increasing their risk for prostate cancer. Women are raising their risk of breast cancer and memory issues are starting to be linked to cell phone use as well.

The rate of pedestrians being hit by cars as they cross the street has significantly increased and one factor for this is that people talk on the phone while crossing the street and fail to pay attention to cars turning over the crosswalk.

Women who are on their cell phones while walking to their cars with packages are more likely to have their purse ripped from their hands or in many cases pulled into cars and assaulted because they are not alert and paying attention.

I know I am not winning any friends by suggesting that cell phone users put their phones down, or don't use them at certain times, but please, pay attention to what is happening with the prevalent use, overuse, and abuse of these seemingly handy devices.

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