Wednesday, January 7, 2015

When Stressful Symptoms Won't Go Away!

Haunting and annoying symptoms of stress can persist for years and cause disruption in relationships, work, and health. Primary care physicians report that 95% of their caseload is due to individuals not knowing what to do with their stress and become prime victims for medication. Medication certainly has it usefulness but there are other ways to deal with stress.

For those with haunting symptoms such as nightmares, panic attacks, social fears, exploding anger for seemingly no reason, relationship issues that won't get resolved, a strong need to isolate, a stronger need to keep calm at all costs, substance abuse, these might be signs that this is not ordinary stress but stress that involves symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress.

Normal stress can be relaxed from a walk in the park, yoga, a hot bath but more intense symptoms need deeper healing. A course I have developed: Unveil the Wounded Self - Write to Heal is having stunning healing effects with my psychotherapy clients, writing students, and those who heard about me through word-of-mouth. I teach this 6-week course both on-line and in-person. The course involves two to five pages of writing a week. Some clients do more and some less. The amount of writing isn't the issue; the focus of the writing is the point.

Go to: and click on the link for Unveil the Wounded Self - Write to Heal link in the column on the right.

Please don't suffer any longer. Take this course.
Jan Marquart, LCSW, CAS, author of 11 books.

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