Saturday, November 8, 2014

Writing Grief

Grief can be a paralyzing emotion as it takes us directly into the heaviness of a present moment. It is like a huge monster that eats up our energy pushing us down further and further into sharp pain. Anyone who has experienced such grief will tell you that it seems there is no way out. One tool to slowly help move the moments from the darkness of the present to a lighter experience is to write about the feeling of grief and what is causing it. Acknowledge it, express it, write it out in every detail on every level. I say every level because grief will hold anger, sadness, helplessness, and more depending on the reason for the grief. Although therapists speak to the seven stages of grief it would be more effective if you came up with your own stage as you write in the moment.

Writing out experiences does not make unwanted experiences disappear. Writing can, however, lighten up the power grievous experiences have on us so the pain can lessen or be suspended until healing begins.

Keep the pen moving,
author of Write to Heal

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