Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Power of Thoughts

I've read that one positive thought can antidote 1,000 negative thoughts. Love is more powerful than hate. Generosity is more desired than greed. Think about these sentences. Our thoughts matter. Our philosophy matters. Our actions matter. I've heard dozens of stories from people who changed situations with prayer. Prayers are a union of thought and feeling and the belief that there is hope for the result to come about. It is giving up struggle, believing in a higher power and prayer is powerful. But everything changes from within first.
The world is losing its sanity but we can help even though we are one person sitting in America listening to the horror around the world on our TV. Trouble exists here, at home, too. It has to start somewhere and that somewhere is in the minds of the people who are behaving like madmen.
Start the change you want because we all enjoy peace. Several times a day think peace, feel it in your heart and send it out as soft pink or vivid green or whatever color resonates with that feeling for you. Imagine sending it out in ripples across a pond to cover the entire world. There are too many people suffering.
Think peace, feel peace, send it out across the world. Imagine everyone doing this. Wouldn't we then create the world we want? There is plenty of room for our differences but that doesn't preclude peace. It is when we force others to live our differences that we destroy peace. Let's rebuild it together --

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