Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Environmental Illness

He tacked aluminum foil to his walls to keep the smells out. She couldn't use her shampoo or perfume. He couldn't stand his new carpet and had it ripped up and replaced with tile. Their bodies become fatigued, were plagued with horrible headaches, lost their ability to digest, along with a variety of other life-changing symptoms. They found life unbearable avoiding people and buildings and soon became homeless trying to survive. He couldn't be around electricity. She couldn't stand being near wifi. What do you think about this behavior? Do you think it is crazy? Well I have news for you. It is more real than you can ever imagine. What these people have, the medical profession doesn't consider real, in fact, they don't know what it is and despite their knowledge they claim to know that these symptoms are imaginary. It is no wonder that 46% of environmentally ill people commit suicide?
Here is another astounding statistic: 65% of the population has environmental illness. Currently some of the symptoms are considered "allergies" and these people are given chemicals to ingest that only make them sicker.
Healing from this illness, not unlike other illnesses, require physical, emotional, and spiritual decisions. Remember the so-called Yuppie disease of the 70's that is now diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia? Environmental Illness, too, is an immune condition. Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia were once considered imaginary.
So if chemicals make you sick including perfumes, cleaners, new building materials, plywood, and the like, you probably have a variation of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. If wifi and electricity gives you a headache or other symptoms you might have Electrical Magnetic Frequency problems. These are considered environmental illnesses. There are more included but I won't go into the details in this short blog.
So, if you know anyone with crazy-making and unexplained physical symptoms, please be compassionate. Go to a holistic healer and get help. It is highly likely that an M.D. physician won't know anything about this.
I am the only licensed counselor I have met who works with environmental illness. And I should know about this: I have been able to heal enough to re-enter the world - but not without it turning my life upside down first. Write to me:

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