Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Are Your Decisions Making You Sick?

Pesticides -- everyone has used them for decades. What is it about pesticides that you don't know? They are full of harmful toxins. They cause disease in humans. They are sprayed on your food and don't come off well. They get in the soil and follow water into your food. If chemicals kill anything, you can count on them harming you. Even so-called non-toxic products are not totally healthy. There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of sites that promote non-toxic ways to deter bugs without chemicals. Please google chemical free solutions to . . . then fill in what you are looking for.

When you get sick what do you do? You stop your life until you find a way to get well, right? Do you think about the products you have used in the last two - twenty years that might have contributed to your illness. Do you think maybe the preservatives in your food have caused you problems or spraying insecticides and pesticides in your home along with perfumed products has caused you problems? Probably not! I am here to tell you that you should do this. If you have young children and pets crawling on the floor, please check the ingredients you use. All companies must offer MSDS sheets that list the ingredients and their harmful effects. Can companies skim on necessary information? Yes, they can.

Until the Toxic Substance Abuse Act of 1976 gets amended, you will have to be more diligent. Here are some of my tips and they work and have worked for the last three decades:

Sprinkle baby power where ants are coming in and/or on their pathway. You will not see another ant.
Spray red wine vinegar in places where bugs come in -- they hate it.
Plant spearmint where mice are getting in -- they hate spearmint oil on their fur.
Put a line of Borax around your home. Most bugs won't walk over it.

I lived in the desert for 6 years and I rarely had a bug, even in the summer when they were prolific.

Keep you and your loved ones healthy. Do not believe the commercials on TV. Products might kill bugs but they might be slowly killing you too.

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