Thursday, May 22, 2014

What Do You Think?

I had one of those moments the other day where I slipped into wondering about the inner workings of the process of life. Of course it would have been more fun to think about designing dresses or planning dinner parties but the older I get the deeper my thinking about purpose, meaning, manifesting, God, love, and such preoccupy my thoughts. It seems the concepts I studied when I majored in philosophy in the 70's are now re-entering my mind to come full circle. Now, at 64, these concepts mean something more then simply the exploration of metaphysical concepts. I seem to have more questions than answers these days:

Law of Attraction: I've heard it all. Become what you want to attract. What you get is what you attracted. The declarations of how the law of attraction works can make you crazy because it seems to slap the person with full responsibility for events like accidents, traumas, disasters and such. I remember going through several health and home disasters ten years ago and the arrogance and self-righteousness of people when they asked me why I was attracting those disasters. I wanted to take  their heads off. I was suffering. For thirty years I had planned and set my attention and stayed single-minded and in the process accomplished what I wanted and then all hell broke loose. Attract disaster? Are you kidding? Go to any other part of the world and ask people this question, then run for your lives because people experience all kinds of disasters they did not want nor create. Right? I lived in Ca. and was affected by the Loma Prieta earthquake. If we believe the Law of Attraction then I created that right? Seriously? I think the 'secret' to the Law of Attraction is that it got millions of people to believe it without further investigation.

Cause and Effect: We all know this one. For ever action there is a reaction. Can you argue with this? Isn't this behind every lesson parents and teachers impart to children? This one makes sense too, doesn't it? But this one implies that it is a conscious law, right? Karma, the Buddhists speak to karma which is cause and effect.

Free Will vs. Destiny: Okay, we can make our choices, right? So what does that mean in reference to destiny? Are we really preordained to make the choices we do because our souls have lessons we are here to learn? If it isn't destiny then we have free will, right? Could these two aspects live side by side so we experience free will only in the confines of our destinies?

Do events randomly occur or is everything in motion due to a defined plan by God or the universal energies. And what about astrology? Didn't the Mayans make predictions that are still worthy of study in the 21st Century? When you read the astrology for your birth sign, doesn't much of what you read ring true?

I'm getting a headache from thinking so hard. I'll do some yoga, set my intention, hope to manifest the winning lottery ticket, put my free will into motion, then check my astrological reading for today.

Until next time,

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