Friday, January 3, 2014

Why is This Important to Heal?

Wondering what this question addresses? It addresses the activity of writing. If you haven't written since high school don't stress about it. Writing for medicinal purposes has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with grammar, spelling, or whether you are a good writer or not. The only thing necessary is to write with the most accurate emotional content you can muster up. This means you cannot lie. No, I mean, you cannot lie. Even if you try to fake your emotions or to spill out an impression of yourself different from the truth, the words will come out of your pen with such distress you will not be able to stand it. That's why writing is the best medicine, besides laughing of course, because it addresses the truth. We are not built to stifle toxic emotional situations and remain well. So, here is how to start.
1. Sit with pen and paper and take a few deep breaths. The breath is a fabulous nerve calmer so make sure you use it to help your body. Your breath and your body already have a symbiotic relationship so you won't have to do anything but let the breath in and out.
2. Think of the emotional issue upsetting you and write the feelings connected to the event. For instance,
        I am so angry and my stomach is burning hot.
         I am fearful about ....... because it makes me ......
   get the picture?

3.  Include all sensory details.
4. Write who said what and include your thoughts.
5. Write how you wished the situation had unfolded.
And most importantly -
6. Write out how you can make peace with the matter. This might involve forgiveness, a face-to-face confrontation, writing a letter of apology --
Do this exercise 20 minutes a day for only 3 days.
Let me know how this worked for you. If you need further help you can check out my Unveil the Wounded Self - Write to Heal workshop here:
I am the author of Write to Heal which can be purchased at
Keep the pen moving,

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