Thursday, December 26, 2013

This is the Most Powerful Relationship

We have many relationships in our lives but the most powerful relationship is the one we have with our families. Why is that when so many of us have conflicts and hurt feelings because of family members? Because there is familiarity, love, and a deep bond. In all the years I have practiced family counseling as an LCSW, I am inspired by the power in the family unit to help, heal, inspire, encourage, support, uplift, and love the members of its family system.

Too many times I have seen individuals take this sacred relationship for granted. Children especially haven't matured enough yet to understand the strength and fortitude that relatives evince as they stand by those who suffer. If not careful, the entire family structure can fall apart leaving members broken, hurt, outcast, alone, and powerless. With family therapy, family members can get support and assistance to put the structure back in place so its members can again be able to hold their own and increase the family strength.

If  you find your family going through a difficult time, do not hesitate to search for a family therapist in your community. All families can regain a healthy balance.
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