Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Health

Everywhere I go these days I see people wiping their hands with antiseptic wipes or pumping jars of liquid supposed to keep them bacteria free. Using antibacterial soaps and hand gels are not healthy. I want to share an article I found on this. Please read this below link.

In addition cleaning supplies are made up of chemicals and these chemicals suppress your immune system. Winter is a time when we become more health conscious and want our immune systems to work at their optimal function. Off hand, it might not seem like a problem to use your usual cleaning supplies. After all, you've been using them for years with no seeming health effects. But know that chemicals build up in the fat in your body and accumulate. Over time they seriously contribute to many different health issues. The net is replete with information about this. Take ten minutes and read up on it yourself. Those who have gotten ill from an overexposure to these chemicals are trying to spread the word about the harm they are doing to our bodies, yet consumers buy these products by the millions. Somehow we got a message we need chemical solutions to keep our homes clean and germ-free. We have believed with no basis what companies tell us we need. 

Try white vinegar for your cleaning needs. It is an antimicrobial and antibacterial and studies proved that it is slightly more effective than bleach. It is non-toxic and edible. Isn't that a much for effective way to good health?

Let's be proactive with our health. Use environmentally safe products. Let your immune system strongly support your body's functioning.
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