Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Clean Air? Really?

I read a study this morning that stated Fabreze air fresheners contain 87 toxic chemicals. Do you read the labels when you buy such products? Fabreze states that its contents might be harmful or fatal if inhaled. How ridiculous is that for a product supposed to freshen air? As consumers we have become too gullible in thinking we 'need' all these products. It is not true that these smelly air fresheners really freshen our air. Instead these chemicals can interrupt hormone dysfunction, cause lung problems contributing to asthma, incite headaches, stomachaches, and neurological dysfunctions.

And be informed that the word perfume in any product can have up to 400 toxic chemicals. Think twice about the holiday candles you buy this year too. They also contain the word fragrance. Most of these toxic chemicals are carcinogenic. It is no longer the case that we can buy products, whether it is a food, cleaning, or any other item, and assume that the product is healthy just because it sits on a shelf in a grocery store.

Did you know that toxic ingredients in these fresheners can also cause poor semen quality, hormonal dysfunctions and alter testosterone levels? In fact, these toxic ingredients can harm blood, heart, kidney, brain, nervous system, liver and other parts of the body. This is no light matter. Why else would we need all the pills advertised on TV? There is a good reason why our bodies are not functioning well. Our unwillingness to get educated is making big corporations rich as we get sicker.

Want a good air freshener -- open a window, spray a mixture of half water/half white vinegar, or buy an air filter (one without ozone).

Let's all breathe better for a healthier holiday.
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