Saturday, February 4, 2012

Are We Ready Yet?

Just in case you have had enough of breathing in toxins, I'd like to ask you: are you ready yet? Ready for what? Ready to stop buying unhealthy products. Almost every product we buy has a dangerous aspect to it. We can choose to get overwhelmed by it or we can start to recognize the products that are in our best interest and buy only those products. Whether the item is clothing sprayed with pesticides, formaldehyde, or toxic dyes, or conventionally grown produce sprayed with pesticides, or household cleaners imbibed with toxic odors or home building supplies loaded with formaldehyde, glues and other toxic ingredients we have our work cut out for us. And why do we have to work so hard to undue the toxic life we have created for ourselves? Because the FDA Toxic Substance Act hasn't been updated since the 1970's and too many companies hold too much power in making you think you need what they are selling. Do you use Windex -- use white vinegar instead. Do you use Bounce, Gaiam now sells non-toxic dryer sheets. Do you use Tide - Seventh Generation has non-toxic laundry detergent.

New companies are being born every year to antidote the toxicity in our environment. Buy the Green America directory sold on line or at Whole Foods and find companies that sell whatever you need. That's how I got help with stores I could not find on the avenue. In previous blogs I mentioned the powerful benefits and multiples uses of white vinegar. I've written about the need to eat organic as much as possible. I've given tips on staying healthy.

Today I want to offer a service that people write and call me about. I stopped this service when I changed my original website to feature only articles on writing and publishing but which I now want to add to this awareliving blog. So here is my offer,

If you want help getting your life turned around so that your cleaning supplies, clothing, remodeling and other concerns slowly get recast in a healthy direction, I offer fifteen minute phone consultations for $25.00. In the past I have helped a  therapist from Washington tell her clients not to wear perfume in her office. She was fearful no one would want to use her services if she asked them to change their products for her. One woman in Georgia had health reactions to a remodeling she did in her basement. I have consulted with people from all over the country on a variety of issues involving toxicity, health and reorganizing their lifestyles. I love doing  this. In the past decade I have done a great deal of research and by trial and error have learned how to heal  from environmental toxicity. Although I have always had a sensitive nose and can still smell formaldehyde and other pollutants that are declared odorless, I do not get sick the way I used to. I understand the need to breathe without discomfort or disability.

I nearly died from toxic mold and had to learn how to detox from that too. I have been through enough to help you with your problems and concerns. Just contact me through this blog and I will call or email you.

Do you have MCS, EMF, or other environmental sensitivities? Most of us do. The word allergy is a misnomer. It is simply a one or two on a scale of ten on toxicity. It is not surprising that cancer, autism, ADD, COPD, RLS, or any of the other illnesses we are getting by the millions are becoming plague-like. What are we breathing and eating and putting on our bodies? Think about it. If you think you are healthy enough not to take this blog seriously have your doctor give you a blood test for toxicity. Hillary Clinton had one as well as other members of the European Union and they were horrified at the results. Does your home have a carpet or plywood and particle board furniture? Just how much toxic overload do you think you can handle before you get a medical diagnosis that will force you to make the changes you can start doing NOW?

Think you have no power to stop the toxins in your world? Think again. Every dollar you spend is a vote for what you want companies to continue producing? Put your dollars in some other company's pocket and watch companies who make toxic products change their tunes. You, as consumer, are the only ones with the power. I want to say that again: YOU, AS CONSUMER, ARE THE ONLY ONES WITH THE POWER.

Think about this message. It might just save your life. Contact me. Let me help you.

Until next time,
stay healthy,

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