Saturday, October 15, 2011


It's hard to believe, but I went into a local store and saw ads for Christmas already. I browsed the shelves wondering how we jumped to Christmas before Thanksgiving. But since the shopping bug is being planted in all of us I must ask you. Do you know about the Ribbons deals by Amway? I promise I'm not going to post Amway information on this site each week, but I must say, I am overwhelmed with the high consciousness of this company and the deals and products they offer. So bare with me while I tell you about this. If you shop for several people you will want to know this information.

You can get five gifts for the price of four for $120; it is called the Ribbon Variety 5-packs. How easy and inexpensive is that? Go to Click on Products and then Ribbon Collections. Check out the items you can give with a gift card. The gift card does not indicate the price of the gift on the card. The recipient chooses the gift they want, not the gift they must accept because the card is limited to one thing. There are so many items on the ribbon list I'm not going to replay them all. Choices include electronics, small appliances, jewelry, housewares and more. Check it out.

Okay, short and sweet. That's it for now.
Happy shopping.
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