Monday, October 31, 2011

The Magic Vegetable

When I was a kid my grandmother used to cut an onion in thin round circles, sprinkle them with a little white sugar, wrap the dish of onions tightly in Saran wrap, put the plate in the refrigerator and wait. In the morning there would be about a teaspoon of sweet onion juice on the plate. What did she do with this? She had me swallow it to relieve the congestion forming from a cold creating inflammation in my lungs. Shortly after swallowing the sweet liquid I would begin to cough up the congestion. Something else you can do, although I will admit I haven't tried this yet. Put slices of a raw onion on the soles of your feet. Then put socks on to keep the slices in place. The onions will draw out the infection or fever. The bottoms of your feet are great for detoxing. Let them do the work while you rest.

Onions are an anti-inflammatory. When we get a cold our lungs can become inflammed. Stay away from diary like cheese, milk, ice cream or cottage cheese which cause inflammation and cook an onion instead. Here is my favorite recipe.

Bake two quartered onions in a 350 degree oven rubbed with olive oil, sprinkled with basil and spearment for at least 1 1/2 hours. Before serving sprinkle them with balsamic vinegar. Delicious!

Onions have dozens of uses but I recommend that you always have lots of onions on hand. If it causes bad breath -- not to worry, eat a little parsley and the smell on your breath will disappear or rinse your mouth with a solution of baking soda and warm water.

Until next time,
eat your onions and stay well,

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