Saturday, October 1, 2011

Do You Have Emotional Toxins?

What are emotional toxins? Do you know you have them? Well, don't feel badly; everyone has them. Emotional toxins are negative energies stored in our bodies. Wonder what your emotional toxins could be? Are you holding onto unforgiveness? Have you ever been traumatized? Do you have triggers that set you off to feeling angry, helpless, fearful, sad or unloved? What is your mind thinking when these emotions are mentioned? Don't be afraid. Whatever you are thinking and feeling is already a part of how you see yourself and the world. Everyone takes in emotions from life just as we take in food when we swallow. We are not just a body. We are a spirit and emotional being too.

Any kind of toxin causes disease. Chemical, thought and emotional toxins live within us and they cause damage to a healthy self. These toxins throw a life into illness. Did you ever read Louise Hay's book from the 70's, You Can Heal Your Life? In it she speaks to each part of the body and the toxic emotion that aligns with it. I recommend you check it out.

If this resonates with you, I'd like to give a few tips on what can be done about releasing emotional toxins.
1. Write. Writing heals. I have purged myself from deep distress that was making me sick by picking up my pen and writing. In my book, Write to Heal, which can be ordered on, I discuss this process, give scientific studies to back up the healing power of writing and offer writing techniques to help. Writing letters to the person who hurt you and journals in which you process your own mind are wonderful healing tools.

2. Exercise. Exercise is a wonderful way to calm the mind and release negative energy from the body.
Yoga, Tai Chi, as well as other energetic exercises can help balance mind/body/spirit.

3. Reframe the experience. Reframing the experience is not lying to yourself. It is rethinking a situation. Perhaps it means you find a way to forgive or extract something positive from the negative experience. Prayer and meditation often help in the reframing process.

If you have questions or comments about this, please comment here. I'd love to interract with you about this.

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