Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Are You Really Cleaning Your Home?

Are you really cleaning your home by using toxic chemicals? Think about it. If you use Windex, Clorox, Lysol, Pinesol and toilet cleaners then I am telling you the truth when I tell you that you are poisoning yourself. Don't believe me? Turn the bottles over. Look at the ingredient list. I promise you that the chemicals listed in the ingredient list are not safe to inhale. The restrictions imposed upon chemical companies are based on a Toxic Substance Control Act that was passed in 1976. I won't go into the political debate about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of this act. Suffice it to say it falls far short of what you want the EPA to monitor for your health. This is not rocket science. Each product you have in your home gives a safety level for the chemicals in it. But if you combine the acceptable level of toxins in the total amount of products you use, you are looking at impending illness. Add up all those safety levels, is it safe now? Chemicals change our cellular structure and guess what that equals--cancer.

So when you use chemicals that emit toxins into the air you breathe, you are not cleaning your home but instead polluting it. The current statistic is that near 70% of the population is chemical sensitive and it doesn't take much of an overload to get seriously sick or acutely chemically and environmentally sensitive. This means that life as you know it would change dramatically. We are exposed to 80,000 chemicals a day and when someone gets sick from chemicals, believe me on this, it will feel as if you are living in the presence of 80,000 chemicals because you won't be able to live outdoors and you won't be able to live indoors or feel comfortable in your own skin. I say this from my own experience. When you smell those 80,000 chemicals and they are impacting both your immune and adrenal systems life becomes hell.

In the organic clothing shop I once owned I heard stories of customer after customer who got sick from one or multiple chemicals. The stories were heartbreaking and these customers are average people like you and me going about daily life. One customer was a realtor who stayed in too many new houses while performing open houses and now he can't handle formaldehyde any more. Formaldehyde is in everything--it is called by the name aspertame in food products like gum and sodas and is neurologically dangerous. The EPA changes chemical names in different products so you won't know what it is. Do yourself a favor -- check out the names of chemicals. Best yet, stay away from them. And it is possible to take control of this in making many of your decisions for your immediate environment.

What is the solution to this? Eliminate all chemicals--but since we live in a toxic world and companies are making a fortune off your faith that they are doing the right thing, this will not happen. But again, as a consumer, you have the control to keep your immediate environment safe. Looking at the economics of it, I'm sure products with chemicals are cheaper, just like junk food with trans fats are cheaper. But I want to give you the name of a line of non-toxic cleaning supplies that you will love, that are affordable and that will keep your home safe to breathe in. You can order them on the net and if you don't like them, call and get your money back with no questions asked.

Remember Amway? I don't know about you, but my mother used Amway products decades ago. Amway has a line of non-toxic cleaning supplies called Legacy of Clean. You can check them out on: www.Amway.com/Awareliving. While you are there you might want to check out their certified organic vitamins. The ingredients for their vitamins are grown on Amway's own farms. Their paper products are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. We must work with corporations bold enough to change their products and who offer an awareness of what chemicals do in our environment. As consumers we have the power. If customers only bought the non-toxic cleaning supplies then corporations would change. Everyone heads towards the money. But we must head towards good health and wellness because I am here to tell you that being chemically sensitive gets you no help from insurance companies. None. I got not one cent returned. It cost me over $100,000 in doctors let alone what it did to my lifestyle. As I said formaldehyde is in everything. Try doing without everything. Take your house and throw everything out and if your house isn't ten years old without anything new in its structure you can't stay there either. Now imagine you have nothing and live nowhere and your immune and adrenal systems are failing. Can you imagine it? Think this is an hyperbole and I've lost my mind? Check out Dr Rei's clinic in Dallas, the only clinic that treats the acutely environmentally sensitive. After you get sick it is too late. The repairing to these bodily functions takes decades. Dr. Rei's clinic is not mostly outpatient. His patients live there because there is no other dwelling in which they can reside and get well. Think about it, please.

Think about changing the air quality in your home. It just might save your life. Please don't wait until you get sick to change the products you buy and it is dangerous to think that illness from the toxic chemicals you breathe with every breath won't someday make you sick. Check out www.Amway.com/Awareliving

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